Fay Kendel: “So Good” ft Spader MC is a crossover urban classic!

"She has her own identity with a signature voice and a fresh, but classic style that sets her apart from all her contemporaries and peers. Plus with her clean lyrical approach on “So Good” ft Spader MC, Fay Kendel makes it possible for anyone, regardless of age or sex, to appreciate RNB music again. 

A beautiful and singular achievement indeed, considering the musical era we’re currently going through."

-Jamsphere Magazine-
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 “In an industry filled with here today’s, and gone tomorrows; it’s great to see a Real Artist emerge from the shadows. With that being said, “Fay Kendel” puts me in the mind of the Great Queen of R&B, “Mary J. Blige”.  Tall boots to fill; however, Fay is so “Deserving of the comparison”!

Renzo-The WazzupTonight 

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Latest single "So Good" Seriously a great summer song! Old School meets new school, love this number from Fay Kendel.


New epic and touching Ballad from Fay Kendel "Guardian Angel"

Touching lyrics and fantastic soul music, this artist is seriously someone to look out for in the future!


Fay Kendel shares hotly tipped new single “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”

A nod to the timeless old school roots of true R&B music; Fay Kendel’s latest single “Action Speaks Louder Than Words” is another infectious display that combines her beautifully matured vocals with steady rhythm.


Fay Kendel Releases 2nd Single 'I Feel Joy'

'Something fresh for your ears and your mind. A little something about gratitude and feeling joy deep down inside...'

...Pure as the wind from a cool northern breeze..., the Danish, raised in Norway and England Songstress Fay Kendel's sophomore release:
'I feel Joy' is an infectious little number penned by the soul diva herself.

With years of experience I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing more from this hard-working Artist.

Talent.Vibes. What more do you need?



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