Fay Kendel

The new aspiring soul sensation Fay Kendel mixes her unique R&B soul sound with well-produced beats in a playful but serious manner. With touching lyrics, based on the joys and sorrows of life, Fay conveys a sense of power and warmth that captivates listeners all over the world.

To understand what a unique journey Fay Kendel has made, we will have to travel all the way to Sierra Leone in West Africa, where Fay was born and adopted by Danish parents when she was only four weeks old. Her parents worked within (among other things) the humanitarian field, which meant that Fay and her family moved around to different countries during her childhood. Before Fay turned eighteen, she had lived in Denmark, Norway, England, and later on in the United States. Perhaps that is why Fay considers the whole world as her workplace.

Fay has always been a performer and as a child the wanted to become professional flutist. She practiced countless hours every day and was considered a musical “wonder child”. However, by practicing as much as she did Fay developed a chronic inflammation in both her arms when she was a teenager. The illness forced her to reconsider her musical dreams and to put the flute on the shelf. Instead, she discovered singing and began to explore her vocal capacities. Her voice proved to be so powerful and unusual that it brought her to two of Europe's major arenas where she performed in front of an audience of over 50,000 people.

Fay has always wanted to do music but over the years she has crossed many different career paths and far from the music world. For Fay it is important to pursue her dreams and dare to be a strong personality without having to apologize for it.

Apart from her passion for music, Fay is also passionate about adoptive parents and adoptees where she wants to inspire and share of her experiences. She sits on the board for the largest local branch for the largest Adoption agency in Sweden called Adoptions Centrum which is an organisation mediating international adoptions in Sweden.